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Splinter Creek: A Lifestyle Like No Other

So much of the charm of Oxford is focused on our quaint downtown; the readiness of something to always do, our dining and shopping scene. I often tell people “my quality of life here in Oxford is better than most my friends who live far off.”

See, for most Ole Miss grads, they DREAM of coming back to Oxford. They long for a fun-filled weekend, splurging on everything downtown. I’ve never left Oxford. I don’t know what it’s like to “miss” it. I’m here. And that’s why you won’t find me downtown on a busy weekend, while they are hitting up the Square.

I am officially a local. As much as I treasure the ability to have a place like the Square, I more so look forward to heading home, to my house, outside the city limits. My husband’s family has been in Lafayette County for five generations, situating themselves in one particular area: Clear Creek. When my husband and I moved out to the family land on Clear Creek Road, I finally understood what “country life” was. It’s simple. It’s easy. Offering lots of time to absorb surroundings and slow down on things that just needed slowing. Trips “to town” were just that; a trip. Far fewer times were spent at restaurants and more times were spent at home.

Clear Creek is a special area of Lafayette County. I don’t know if God put his own special blessing on that land, but one must experience life out there. I have a feeling that the Leake family saw this too; they most certainly wanted others to experience this area when they created Splinter Creek.