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Up your Student’s Lunch Game with Beam Lunch!

Is your student getting tired of heading to the student union or Rebel Market for the hundredth time? Is their Greek house not serving what they’re looking for? Maybe they’re stuck inside the library studying all day and dread losing their study spot? Have no fear, Beam Lunch is here! Beam lunch is the new, quick way to get lunch delivered to your student on campus! The best part; they can order all through text message!

Beam lunch provides lunches from some of Oxford’s favorite local restaurants such as

Oxford Burger Company, My Michelle’s, Thacker 564, Grit, Lost Pizza, Kabuki and Southern Craft & Stove. The restaurants and menu items will be changing weekly, so your child will never run out of delicious options. All you have to do is follow these six easy steps:

  1. Head to and click “Sign Up”

  2. Enter your student’s cell phone number and save it. Choose on-campus delivery location and save it. Enter payment information and save it. The registration must be completed in order to receive the text from Beam Lunch.

  3. Beam lunch will activate the chosen on-campus delivery location once the required number of active users sings up.

  4. Your student will receive a text each morning featuring a restaurant and

3 options for lunch. They reply by texting A, B, or C to purchase the lunch and your card will be charged.

  1. If your student does not want a lunch this day, they simply do not respond, and no charge will be applied to your card.

  2. Lunch will be delivered between 11:30-11:45 AM!

Easy right? As a current student at Ole Miss, I can say first hand that after a while all campus lunches get boring, and it always makes me wish my parents would pay a visit to town so they could take me out to eat. With Beam Lunch, you could still treat your child with a great lunch alternative that will be delivered right to them! This is also a great option for students that do not have a vehicle on campus. This c