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Safe Ridesharing Has Arrived in Oxford

We have discovered the most amazing service in Oxford – EZ-RYDR!

The idea of “ridesharing” is taking big cities by storm, but was not available in Oxford until recent years. EZ-RYDR brings a unique twist, bringing Oxford more variety in the ridesharing space – tailored perfectly to the college student! EZ-RYDR is a subscription-basedrideshare service that has thoroughly-vetted drivers and other available safety features that will help any parent rest easier. It offers unlimited rides per month, and even one airport run per semester! This is not your average cab company.

EZ-RYDR CEO Kyle Staude realized that his company could save lives, keep kids safe and help students avoid getting a DUI, the very mistake he made during his freshman year. “After a night of partying, and mistakenly thinking I was the ‘least drunk’– I thought I would be ok to drive – then I was pulled over for erratic driving,” said Staude. “The car wreaked of alcohol and next thing I know I’m doing a sobriety test. I spent the night in the drunk tank with about 15-20 other guys, all in there for the same reason.

After gettingout of jail the nextmorning (which happened to also be my father’s 45th birthday), scenarios of ‘what ifs’ plagued me:

What if I had wrecked my car and injured or kill myself or my passengers?

What if I wrecked with another (innocent) car on the road?

What if I accidentally ran over someone walking down that dark street?

This is where my passion to make EZ-RYDR available to every college studentstems from. If EZ-RYDR can save a life or help a student avoid the hardships that result from a DUI - that’s how I will define success.”

Safety Aspects

EZ-RYDR is built on preventative safety principles. The subscription-based cost structure gives students zero reasons to put themselves in a risky situation, like the one covered in the above article. Whether it be going out for the night, walking back to the dorm after a long night of studying, driving to class in bad weather, every ride is already paid for with one monthly fee. There is no reason not to use it.

EZ-RYDR is truly unique as a ridesharing service due to the intense vetting process used with their drivers. While one would hope the requirements by the city or state were stricter for screening drivers, EZ-RYDR is taking no chances. Drivers must pass checks greater than the minimum state requirements, including an in-person interview and safe driver evaluation. Also, all drivers must pass a drug test and are subject to subsequent random drug tests. Currently, neither the city nor the state requires drug testing of cab drivers.

In addition, EZ-RYDR has partnered with SafetyPIN Technologies, whose background checks exceed any of the standard background check companies. The EZ-RYDR/SafetyPIN team has more than 80 years’ experience in criminal profiling and has developed an internal algorithm that accesses more than 10,000 data sources to ensure the best drivers are behind the wheel.

EZ-RYDR’s Safety & Security Advisor, Tom Pecora, is a former Head of Security for the CIA. He has reviewed and vetted the processes and procedures regarding the safety of not only the riders, but the drivers and local community.

Out-of-state individuals are not allowed to drive for EZ-RYDR unless they are students, who have been validated through their school email address. Drivers from nearby cities (Batesville, for example) are allowed as EZ-RYDR strives to promote a sense of community, providing financial opportunities for those in the surrounding Oxford area.

Also, due to overwhelming feedback that female students feel much more comfortable with a female driver, female riders will have the option to prefer female drivers!

Additional Safety Features

In-app SOS/Panic Button– Once a ride has begun, the RYDR and driver will have access to our unique Panic Button on the EZ-RYDR app. At the touch of a button, local authorities, EZ-RYDR admin, and a pre-populated list of emergency contacts will be notified of the emergency and their real-time location. This should primarily be used if an individual feels threatened, but is also valuable if someone is experiencing a major health issue such as a heart attack or stroke, or the vehicle becomes disabled or gets in an accident.

Direct support line– EZ-RYDR is locally owned and operated. Kyle, the owner, lives in Oxford, so the drivers and RYDRS will have direct access to him regarding any safety matters at any time.

EZ-RYDR will continue to engage local authorities to identify gaps and opportunities for improving safety and operations. Praise to them!

Another cool fact about Kyle and his operation: he did his due diligence. Kyle and his team spent months fine-tuning the offering of this service. They even went to the extreme of testing the market with a group ofcollege students, allowing them unlimited use of Uberfor an entire month on EZ-RYDR’S dime. What didthey learn? On average the students were racking up a$350 in rides that month. This is 20% more cost than if they were using the subscription-based services of EZ-RYDR!

It will be interesting to see how the evolution of ridesharing continues to grow nationwide, but trends are definitely pointing towards the less expensive option of ditching a personal car all together and letting someone else drive, carry the insurance and handle the parking fees. When you think about it, EZ-RYDR is not only safer, but a MUCH more economical option.

All in all, EZ-RYDR is an awesome service to set up for your student. We highly recommend it! And we’re sure you will sleep a lot easier at night knowing your loved one can get home safely.

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