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Preparing for Cold Weather in Oxford

Yep, it’s officially that time again: Winter. With the changing seasons comes WINTER BREAK! The good news is that break means some much needed free time for students! So what’s the bad news? Six weeks away from Oxford is six weeks where your kid’s apartment is at risk. We’ve broken down some of the most common apartment problems that come up over winter break and what you and your student can do to prevent them.

Frozen Pipes

Mississippi weather is all over the place, which means it could be hot and sunny one day then ice cold the next. To prevent those dreaded, busted water pipes, remind your student to leave faucets dripping in their apartments. Also, set the temperature to 55 degrees before you walk out the door. This will keep the pipes above freezing and the bill below normal - no one wants to be slapped with a huge utility bill when your student hasn’t even been in their apartmentBusted pipes happen to someone every break, don’t let it be your kid!


Unfortunately, winter break means empty houses all over Oxford, and people know it. The best advice we have to prevent break-ins is to make sure all doors AND windows are securely locked. This means locking bedroom doors as well! Plus, leaving a light or two on could discourage burglars if they think there’s a chance someone is home. Pack up valuables to take out of town with you. Also, anything left out in plain sight is at risk. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy the holiday season then finding out you’ve been robbed - so take the proper precautions!

Keep Out Bugs

I once returned home to find that my roommate had left a pizza box in the trash. Our kitchen was occupied by hundreds and hundreds of ants. They found some food and made themselves at home. The best way to prevent this is by taking out the trash, cleaning out the fridge and cabinets, and picking up around the house before leaving! Take it from me - it's totally worth the 20 minutes it takes to clean up before you leave in order not to return to another kind of mess!

Winter break should be loads of fun for both you and your kids coming home! The last thing you want to deal with during this family reunion is an issue back in Oxford. We hope these tips help your family have a stress-free holiday season this year!

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