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Why I chose Ole Miss: The Out-of-State Experience

“If it doesn’t scare you, it might be a good thing to try”

– Unknown

I spent 18 years in the same house in a small town of Maryland. Going to the same school. Surrounded by the same group of best friends since kindergarten. I was comfortable and safe in an area I knew so well. When I started exploring where I would go to college, the obvious answer was the University of Maryland 30 miles away from my house with all my besties.

Although, I realized I was becoming too comfortable in my own skin. One of my favorite quotes occurred to me: “if it doesn’t scare you, it might be a good thing to try” I needed a change. A new adventure. A new reason to explore an unknown part of the world and learn something new about that place and maybe even myself.

I decided from there that I wanted to go South and started applying to SEC schools. My mom and I traveled down South and for the first time we entered the state of Mississippi to look at the school of Ole Miss.

When I entered the small town of Oxford and the school of Ole Miss, I remember instantly following in love with everything that surrounded me. As cliché as it sounds, I felt at home. I decided that I did not want to look at any other schools and that I was going to Ole Miss. I canceled my trip to go look at Florida State and extended my trip to stay at my new school a little longer.

As excited as I was to start college, I remember being scared to death to leave my beloved home because I did not know a single soul going to Ole Miss. No one from my high school was going here and I was having to say goodbye to all my best friends. I did not know much about Mississippi and its culture. I was so scared that I would not meet new friends. Although looking back I am so happy that I took a leap of faith. I not only discovered my career path during my freshman year, but had I not chosen Ole Miss, I wouldn’t know:

  1. What crazy Swayze beer showers were

  2. What crawfish tasted like

  3. What a Saturday afternoon felt like in the Grove during an Alabama game

  4. How to Lock the Vault

  5. How much I love for Ole Miss basketball

And most importantly…

6. How much I loved my home in Maryland AND my newfound home and friends of Ole Miss!

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