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Cooking (healthy) in College

Eating and/cooking healthy in college can be very difficult thing to do between having a busy schedule, being on a tight budget, and not knowing how to prepare your own meals. Michelle Rounsaville, co-owner of Thacker 564 (home of My Michelle’s) shared some tips and recipes to help your college student prepare some healthy meals for themselves.

“I would say that probably a slow cooker of some sort would be the best and safest/easiest thing to have! There are tons of great Slow Cooker cookbooks out there and Pinterest of course has great ideas!”

Michelle also shared a list of “staple groceries” to keep in the pantry/fridge so there is always something to cook:

• Diced Tomatoes

• Tomato Sauce

• Any Kind of Bean that you like

• Sweet Corn

• Chicken Broth

• Brown Rice

• Quinoa

• Salsa

• Organic Milk (Lasts longer)