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Orientation Take Aways

I recently had the honor of attending my niece’s orientation as Ole Miss as her “plus one” and help her navigate all things Ole Miss. This was such a unique opportunity for me because I spend so much time thinking about what parents need for their college student, that I got to sit in on an orientation in a pseudo "parents" roll. The only other time I've ever attended was 20 years ago, when I was a freshman!

So, here are the big highlights:

Not a lot has changed. Its still just as exciting! We still started off in Fulton Chapel like we did 20 years ago. But the movement around campus was at a minimum. As parents we were only moving between Fulton Chapel and The Student Union (which was just recently reopened after an EXTENSIVE reno!)

I really enjoyed the energy and creativity the Orientation Leaders brought to the event. I am certain it's hard trying to keep that pace after nine orientations! But the opening skit was fun and showed their different personalities.

We started off with the least likely scenario: homework for the students! They were assigned to read Evicted and write about it for their EDHE class this fall. The book was provided to them (a super nice gesture).

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