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Happy, happy HAPPIES!

We have had so many parents reach out to us to get the skinny on gifts (affectionately called "happies" in this part of the country) for recruitment and bid day. So here you go!

I'm sure most of you are aware that rush is kind of a big deal at Ole Miss - and with everything involved, it can be overwhelming for the girls as well as their parents. The local gift stores are here to help make it easier for you!

The girls (and guys) at The Lily Pad, Olive Juice and Katherine Beck take care of delivering daily “rush happies" to the dorms. Sending a gift, or happy, to your rushee is a great way to let them know you are thinking about them, even if you can’t be there. These gifts range from a sweet treat, a beauty item, or a photo frame to T-shirts and jewelry.

As bid day nears, the owners and staff at these shops work feverishly overnight to fulfill dream Bid Day "baskets", filled with the latest chic garb and accessories with your daughters new Greek letters. It's organized chaos in the stores, but you'd never know it! These places paper the storefront windows so the magic can happen, secretly and without interruption.

These businesses take their list of pre-orders and go top to bottom, filling each one, in the order that they were purchased. Yes, you read that right - so get your orders in today! Here is a list of our favorite places and how to get in touch with them. They will all gladly take orders over the phone!

The Lily Pad, (662) 238-2900

If you have more questions about the recruitment, we recently did a podcast that might help answer some of your questions. Click here to listen! Also, stay tuned for details on our 2nd annual POM MOMosas Brunch on Saturday September 28! This is an event for you moms (dads welcome too!) who plan on coming in town for rush week/bid day. We had a BLAST last year!

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