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Move-In: What to expect

We’re not going to lie to you, Ole Miss move-in is not the most glamorous process. It’s going to be hectic, crowded and HOT, (therefore, very sweaty). We want to give you some tips to make sure your move-in experience goes as smoothly as possible!

Your student will need their student ID for check-in. The student ID acts as the key to the building as well as the dorm room. In the event your student did not receive their ID during his/her orientation session, go to the student ID center prior to arrival to your building.

If you’re living in a residence hall or residential college, you will check-in at the front desk of your building, unless otherwise instructed. Northgate residents will go to the RH1 front desk for check-in. Campus Walk residents will go to the Campus Walk office.

Once you check-in, put your name and phone number on the waitlist for a moving cart. Each dorm has a limited number of dollies and carts, which are on hand to reduce the number of trips needed from the car to the dorm room. When a cart becomes available, you will receive a phone call that it is your turn. This should be one of the first things you do when you arrive to move in, your body will thank you later!

All residence halls have volunteers to help get residents’ belongings from the parking areas to the rooms as quickly and efficiently as possible. Look for people wearing “Groovin’ at Move-In” t-shirts and name tags; they are there to help you! Most of the move-in volunteers are current Ole Miss students, which presents the opportunity for your freshman student to establish a familiar face on campus before classes even begin!

In order to maintain efficient traffic flow and make everyone’s move-in as easy as possible, the university asks that you adhere to the parking and vehicle policies directly related to move-in. All vehicles must be parked in legal parking spaces. Parking and unloading at building entrances is not allowed. Unload zones are available at a some of buildings where space allows.

Ole Miss asks visitors to park at the Ford Center or the Jackson Avenue Center after unloading. The O.U.T. Bus bronze line provides transportation to the center of campus from 7:00 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. Monday – Friday beginning August 13.

Moving trucks are not allowed. Moving vans that fit into university standard parking spaces are allowed. We have researched options from the top four national moving truck vendors and have found that UHaul offers the only moving van that will fit into campus parking spaces (9’ Cargo Van).

I came to Ole Miss from Pennsylvania, which brought the question of, ”How will I get all my stuff to school if I can’t fly with it?” My mom and I decided to rent a minivan for a one-way trip to Oxford. After move-in, my mother returned the rental car to the airport and hopped on a flight back home to Pennsylvania. If you are travelling from far like us, I highly recommend considering this option.

So, what should you bring and what shouldn’t you bring? To save you some room in the car, we’ve put together a list of dorm items you DO NOT need:

  • Television (just stream your favorite shows on your laptop or iPad!)

  • Iron/ Ironing Board (Let’s be real….)

  • Bike (There are bikes available on campus via…more to come on this later!)

  • Luggage (This takes up SO much room – if you can pack your clothing items in collapsible/sift-sided bags that are more easily stored, that is what I would recommend)

  • Tool Set (each residence hall will have access to basic tools, if a resident needs to use them)

  • Blender (unless you’re really into those morning smoothies….)

  • Dishes (for the limited number of meals you will eat in the dorm, paper plates are my recommendation)

  • Your entire collection of books/ CDs/ movies

Here’s our list of dorm must-haves you probably didn’t know you needed:

  • Full-length mirror

  • Mattress topper

  • Door stopper

  • Fan

  • Foldable Drying Rack

  • Shower Flip-flops

  • Bathrobe

Here is a link to the university’s move-in checklist, listing the things you should bring vs. what you are not allowed to bring. If you are unfamiliar with campus, here is a list of directions to all residence halls.

Another thing you should pack for move in is tissues. Sending your child off to college is an emotional experience! Expect to feel a little weepy when saying goodbye, but try to wait until you get to the car before you open the floodgates! Your student will have a blast, learn SO much, and make friends that they will have for the rest of their lives!

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