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Grove Tailgating Tips

If you are visiting your son/daughter and planning to have a tent of your own you may be thinking “how can we accomplish outfitting the food for our tent?” There is no need to fret because there are so many awesome and yummy options that can make your game day feast the best it can be. Whether you’re catering in or providing everything yourself, we have some helpful insights for you.

What To Serve and What NOT to Serve:

Some say "too much of a good thing is a bad thing," but throw that rule out when it comes to the Grove. Make sure your tent is STOCKED with food, because if your fellow tent Grovers don’t eat it, a perfect stranger will be eye balling it.

Watching the game at your house doesn’t usually warrant the same type of tailgating foods you’d serve in the Grove. You can thank us later for these recs:

● The Grove catering rule of thumb is if it takes more than two bites to eat, it’s too big.

● Although they are pretty and add a pop of color to the assortment, leave the fruit and cheese at home. Think about it, you don’t eat that at other outdoor events, why would you serve it? The cheese hardens and sweats, the fruit turns to mush and both are a fly’s dream.

● “Mayonnaise a lot of people in the Grove”. And boy does mayonnaise also serve a breeding ground for the unsanitary in the heat. So, until it cools down, leave the mayo at home. But my goodness, a tailgate without Dukes mayo? Yup. Michelle Rounsaville, with My Michelle’s Catering offers non-mayo options for the Grove like:

○ A Greek or Southwest layer dip (that will go further on a 12” platter because its so deep)

○ Black Bean and Corn Salsa

○ Cold Buffalo Chicken dip

○ Vegetable Crudité

○ Beef/Pork Tenderloin

○ Mini sliders

○ Ham and Poppyseed Yeast Rolls with Dijon

○ Biscuit options with meats and Carolina BBQ Sauce

● When the beautiful fall crisp days come, soups, ribs, or gumbos are an awesome way to have the best of all worlds.

● Fried foods are a given. Chicken tenders can be ordered from My Michelle’s, Abners (now only one location), Walmart, Kroger, Big Star (Larson’s Cash Saver), Chick-fil-a, Zaxby’s and Popeyes.

● My picks: Of course, I love traditional Grove foods, but if you want to shake it up a little, try some bacon wrapped breadsticks- smothered in brown sugar goodness, Pigs-n-blankets, cucumber tea sammies, brie and raspberry jelly puff pastry pinwheels, taco bags (use individual size bags of Doritos or plain tortilla chips. Guests add their own meat and toppings inside the bag and eat from it with a fork!), Black bean chorizo dip, or a Shrimp and Grits Bar - just for a few ideas!

Other reminders:

● Game times play a critical part in what to serve. 11am games warrant brunch before, and lunch after. So, be prepared for a heavy day of foods. Bruncy items: Mini Muffins, Donuts, Sausage Balls, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Baileys and Coffee. 2pm games, you’ll be serving lunch before and then also after game foods (and trust us, nothing like a tipsy college student and all their new BFF’s ravaging for food afterwards - just sayin’.) 6pm games: Prepare for a long day of snacking, but not near the stress in being the rushed hostess before the game. There will be no Grovin’ after the game.

● It’s customary to keep the tradition of the Grove on. You welcome all to your tent. So if it's a stranger passing by needing a cup or quick bite of chicken, you offer. If it’s our opponent, we welcome them to experience what the Grove is all about. It's all about hospitality, folks.

● Think about how you’re getting your food there. If you don’t have permit to park on campus, prepare to drop your food off well before the Grove loop shuts down for traffic. Because once it does, your hauling A LOT of stuff from wherever your car is parked. It’s long, hot and heavy.

● No open flames. So, no grilling, firepits or smores stations. Sternos are a great go-to, though.

● Did you know that many of the trees in the Grove actually have electrical sockets? How cool is that! Depending on where your tent is located, you MIGHT have power nearby.

● As a reminder, UPD has the right to open (and pour out) any coolers left unattended with alcohol. Hint: Game time.

● Above all, learn the alcohol policy.

● Ask each taxi service you use about their ability to go on campus. Rules change for gamedays.

Catering Companies:

For all you amazing cooks out there, we tip our hats off to you for whipping up your own Grove creations. Cooking your own food is convenient if you have an Airbnb or your own condo here in town, but it’s not for everyone. If you are coming from far away, or just don’t feel like taking the time to cook, no worries! Oxford is home to some of the best catering companies in the South.

You can also check out these local catering options as well as many other services on our page!

Trust us, all of these delicious options will make cheating on any sort of diet completely worth it. Even if we don’t win the game, we sure as heck win best tailgating food in the SEC. Regardless if you are hosting your own Grove tent or not, make sure you stop by and see us at the POM tent! Hotty Toddy!

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