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Guide to Navigating Roads in Oxford

BEEP BEEP! As fall semester begins in less than a week, we need to make sure your students are ready to navigate this small but crazy college town.

When your child first arrives, these roads will seem like a maze with no end, but within a months time they’ll have it down to a T. There are many Oxford driving tips freshmen have to learn the hard way, but we’re here to make them aware before they even arrive. Here’s what our team at POM offers as tips to the roads in Oxford.

1. Traffic roundabouts are everywhere, get used to them.

The first time you and your student visited Oxford, you were probably greeted with the traffic circles on Old Taylor Road and the Chucky Mullins exit. Many parents have expressed that it was their first time using a traffic circle and they found them complicated to navigate. We’re here to break it down for you and your student. Remember these easy guidelines:

  • Follow the lines, do not exchange lanes where there are no dotted lines.

  • Yield! Do not come to a complete stop if no one is already in the traffic circle. Cars already traveling in the traffic circle have the right of way.

  • Lastly, tell your child to not look at their phones when on the traffic circles. We know they shouldn’t be looking at them anyways, but traffic circles need their undivided attention.

Oxford has just opened several new roundabout traffic circles. Traffic circles have been proven to reduce the number of accidents that normally take place in an intersection and to speed up travel time for drivers. They are incredibly expensive to install and they are a HUGE construction project that requires blocking off the road for several months. Oxford is so happy that the new roundabouts are finally complete! The new traffic circles can be found on West Oxford Loop and Sisk.

2. Jackson Avenue is hectic, avoid it during busy times.

Jackson Avenue is considered the main road in Oxford because it’s home to many stores, shops, and restaurants. Not to mention, WALMART. Jackson Avenue is great because you can find everything you need within the span of two-miles, but it comes with some road rage. Most accidents in Oxford happen on Jackson Avenue due to its heavy traffic, so make sure to inform your child to be extra cautious while driving. It is also best to inform them to avoid Jackson Avenue around lunch time and between the evening hours of 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

3. When in doubt, take Highway 6.

Highway 6 can lead your child to every main road they may need to get to in Oxford. If any road is shut down for whatever reason, you can always find an alternative route through an exit on Highway 6.

4. Yes, the speed limit is actually 18 mph on campus.

To pay our respects to Ole Miss’ royal family (the Mannings), the speed limit is 18 mph which is the number Archie Manning wore during his quarterback days at Ole Miss. The University Police Department strictly enforces this law, so make sure to warn your student not to speed around campus.

5. Avoid driving on home football and baseball weekends.

There is nothing better than seeing the stadium packed with of Rebel fans from all over. Now imagine more than 100,000 of these fans jam-packed into our small town for the weekend. Jackson Avenue and the Square are always a nightmare to drive through! While your student is living in the dorms, inform them that everything they need is typically within walking distance. It will save them time to go by foot rather than taking their cars. Parking on campus during game day is by permit only! Check out charity parking lots at nearby churches and businesses that are steps from the stadium. Additionally, consider using the app EZ-RYDR to get around Oxford safely.

So parents, we’d love for you to share these insightful tips with your student so they can conquer the streets of Oxford like a pro! We are counting down the days until everyone’s arrival for move-in and fall semester! Welcome home Rebs!

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