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Fetcht Delivery: At Your Service

Hi, parents! If you haven’t heard, we have a brand-new food delivery service in Oxford - Fetcht Delivery! Fetcht allows you to choose from nearby restaurant options on their mobile appor Fetcht websiteand place an order that will be delivered to your doorstep within 30-60 minutes. You can place orders during normal restaurant hours, or you can schedule an order for delivery at a later date. You can browse the restaurant options or to place an order, visit the Fetcht website here.

The first time you order from Fetcht, you’ll be prompted to create an account linked to your email address. Order receipts are sent directly to the email addressed used to create the account. Fetcht accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Fetcht Delivery Gift Cards, and Discover credit cards on the online ordering system. Cash payment is not acceptedbecause the delivery drivers do not carry cash for change.

You can also schedule your delivery in advance! You can schedule orders days, weeks or even months prior to the chosen delivery day by selecting a specific date and time from the calendar on the Fetcht home page. This might be helpful if you are traveling into town for a late arrival on weekend.

In addition to delivering delicious food straight to your house, Fetcht is a Christian-based business that sets a portion of profits aside to be used as donations for various local charities. POM always likes to support businesses that give back to our fabulous community! Next time you are in town and want a yummy, hot meal delivered to your door, use Fetcht!

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