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Student Mental Health

Moving away from home to head to college is a HUGE transition in many different ways. There are new stresses placed on your student that they’ve probably never encountered before. In college you gain more freedom, but you also gain more responsibility; Finding that balance can be overwhelming when you’re on your own for the first time. We’re here to remind your student that “It’s okay to not be okay!” If they ever need to talk it out with a professional, here are some counseling and therapy options in Oxford.

We recommend Pathways Counseling Services, located on West Oxford Loop, not far from campus. Pathways Counselor Carolyn Jenkins holds her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She works with clients who have a history of trauma, complex PTSD, sexual abuse/incest, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, adjustment difficulties, an array of women's issues, and individuals with a history of family dysfunctional behavior patterns. “Working as a therapist I feel it is a personal calling. Having had many shared experiences of clients I work with, I enjoy nothing more than assisting clients in their journey toward healing, change, and positive growth,” Jenkins said. Click here to read more about Pathways or to make an appointment!

The University Counseling Center is located on the third floor of Lester Hall, across from the Rebel Market. They offer individual counseling and group therapy. Degree-seeking students currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi are eligible for up to 10 individual therapy sessions per academic year (August to August) free of charge. During the first appointment, your student sees a counselor for an intake interview. If individual counseling is recommended they will be assigned to one of the staff counselors after the intake process.

The University Counseling Center counselors include full time staff counselors, interns and graduate assistant students in counseling or clinical psychology. Click here to read more or to book an intake appointment for your student.

Other counseling services available in Oxford are Thrive Counseling, Providence Counseling, Grace Counseling and Mend Counseling.There’s no shame in making an appointment to talk about your mental health with someone; It’s actually quite comforting to confide in an individual outside your normal bubble. It’s important for college students to be in touch with their emotions and not give themselves such a hard time during this period in their life. That being said, encourage your student to consider a counseling service to assist them in finding comfort in their new environment!

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