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Ole Miss Dormitories: The Rundown

The freshman dorm experience is a rite of passage. Freshman year is a huge learning curve and a student grows up tremendously during this time. The dorms are witness to many memories, getting ready to go out with friends, late night study sessions, and endless pizza nights. Each year students come to Ole Miss and experience all of the highs and lows freshmen year has to offer and many of these moments happen in the dorms. Regardless of what dorm a student is in, it becomes their home away from home.

When choosing what dorm to live in, the first thing a student should ask themselves is what kind of freshman experience do they want? Are they looking for a traditional dorm environment or more of a contemporary situation?

The traditional dorms, Crosby, Martin, Stockard, Brown, Stewart, Deaton and Hefley usually tend to be more open and social. These dorms have communal bathrooms; therefore, people are constantly walking around the halls and socializing.

The contemporary dorms, Residential Hall 1, Residential Hall 2, Residential Hall 3, Lucky Day, Burns, Minors, Pittman and Residential College South tend to be quieter because there are less people socializing in the halls. All of these dorms come equipped with individual bathrooms inside of the dorms. Many of these dorms, such as Lucky Day, are specifically for students in certain programs, such as the Lucky Day Scholars and Associates program. These dorms are newer and more modern than the traditional dorms.

Here's the rundown of the dorm options, and a few Pros/Cons:

Female Only Dorms:

Crosby Hall:

Crosby Hall is a traditional female dorm located across the street from Brown and Stewart. Crosby has 10 floors and can house up to 700 students. Crosby tends to be very social and girls who live in Crosby tend to get very close with the people on their hall. Many girls who live in Crosby tend to go through recruitment and join sororities on campus. Crosby is home to The Crosby Pod which is a small convenience store next to the laundry room on the bottom floor of the building. The Pod, as it is more commonly referred to, has a variety of snacks for when students need to treat themselves.

Martin Hall:

Like Crosby, Martin Hall is a traditional style female dorm. Martin has 10 residential floors that have study rooms on each floor.

Martin is also very social and the girls tend to become close friends with everyone on their floor. Many of the girls who live in Martin also go through recruitment and join sororities. Martin is home to the C-Store, which is a convenience store on the bottom floor of the building. Many late nights are spent by students eating the delicious Crispitos and chicken tenders.

Male Only Dorms:

Stockard Hall:

Stockard Hall is an all-male traditional style dorm connected to Martin. Stockard has 10 residential floors with study rooms on each floor. This dorm is a very social dorm and many students who live in Stockard join fraternities.

“I feel like I got the freshman experience and met some great people,” said John Bosco, former Ole Miss student who lived in Stockard his freshman year.

“The best parts of Stockard are the C-Store, the fact that there are a lot of greek life guys and it has the best atmosphere and the CAs are very chill,” said Austin Welge, Ole Miss senior.

Deaton Hall:

Deaton Hall is an all-male traditional style dorm located across from the Student Union. Residents are housed on four floors that are equipped with student lounges. A laundry facility and vending machines are on the first floor of the building.

PRO: Residents of Deaton explain that Deaton’s location is very convenient for freshman because it is very easy to get to class quickly.

CON: “One of the downsides of living in Deaton was that there were not very many Greek life people” said Welge. Who lived in Deaton at the beginning of his freshman year but later moved to Stockard.

Female/Male Dorms:

Brown Hall, Stewart Hall and Hefley are traditional style dorms that rotate between being all-male or all-female dorms depending on the male to female student ratio of the freshman class for the academic year.

Brown Hall:

Brown Hall is located on Women’s Terrance near the Student Union. Brown houses students on four floors and is equipped with two lounge areas, a kitchenette, and a laundry room.

Stewart Hall:

Stewart Hall is located across from Brown on Women’s Terrance. Stewart is seven floors and is equipped with study rooms and kitchenettes on each floor and a laundry room on the first floor.