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Charge Accounts in Oxford

A great thing to love about Oxford is how it still holds onto some of its age-old traditions.

No we’re not talking about the Square, Trashcan Friday or how buying cold beer just

became available a couple of years ago. We’re talking about CHARGE ACCOUNTS!

Yes, its true. Several businesses in Oxford still accept charge accounts, just like they did

when the Baby Boomers were headed off to college. My mom tells a story about her four

years at Ole Miss, my grandfather set up a charge account at the Holiday Inn restaurant

(where The Graduate now sits.) Mom would go to eat there on the weekends because the

sorority house kitchen was closed. She’d pile in someone else’s car and feed them… all

on my Poppie’s dime! A great memory!

Amazingly, this still exists at many establishments in town. Most will require a credit

card on file. But this allows control over where your children shop, and even can provide


Businesses like Neilson’s, Oxford Floral Company, and Bette’s Flowers use these charge

accounts and have seen success because of the flexibility they allow. Additionally,

Chaney’s, Village Tailor, My Michelle’s restaurant offers them too! It’s easy to just call

and set up. It’s a great way to ensure where they are spending money is money well

spent! Happy Old Oxford!

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