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Spring Break: Be Prepared

Spring break is right around the corner and it’s never too early to start preparing. Even if your son or daughter is well traveled, spring break can bring different challenges. Scammers know there are young people visiting a destination under the influence, and they are skilled in taking advantage of them.

This year will be my fourth college spring break, and along the way I have picked up tips and tricks that I have had to learn the hard way. I’ve put together a list of my best advice for you to pass along to your kiddos that will ensure a fun, yet safe trip. Following some of these tips could be the difference between having an amazing trip with your friends and ruining the trip from doing something stupid.

1. If you are going to Destin or anywhere that has a no open container policy, ADHERE TO THE RULES. Seriously – there are too many people that get arrested over spring break for carrying a beer on the beach underage when that could totally be avoided. Don’t. Risk. It. If you must drink, go somewhere that doesn’t have that policy, or drink at home.

2. Write down the numbers of your friends, the hotel you are staying in, and a trusted cab company on a piece of paper. Keep this along with some emergency cash hidden on your person and this could be a total like saver. My friend became separated from us one year while we were in Gulf Shores, and the only number she had memorized was her friend’s number from home who wasn’t on the trip with us. Not very helpful right? It took hours for her friend to get into contact with us and for us to retrieve her.

3. Do not advertise where you are staying. Have you ever seen the movie Taken? Don’t split cabs with strangers and if you have to ask for directions, ask an official.