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3 Game Day Snack Ideas

Game day can be overwhelming, but when you have everything planned out, it's so much fun! We have 3 game day snack ideas for you that are sure to be a hit for all of your friends and family!

1. Popcorn - Popcorn is a game day classic for in the stadium, but what about for your tailgate? The Pop Porium in Starkville has great options for salty, sweet, and mixed taste buds that are sure to knock your socks off. Serve this at your next tailgate and be everyone's favorite!

2. Bacon balls - You've heard of sausage balls, but what about bacon balls? What's For Dinner? in Starkville offers tons of casseroles and pre-made recipes, but bacon balls are a definite snack that your tailgate guests will be sure to love.

3. Redneck Nachos - Nachos are one thing, but what about redneck nachos? Moe's Original BBQ has loaded nachos that have everything you can imagine on them. From BBQ, to cheese, to peppers and onions, to tomatoes, and even more cheese, these nachos will make your mouth water. And Moe's even caters to tailgates!

These snacks will leave your guests wanting more this tailgate season! Be sure to mention Parents of MS State when you order these snacks!

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