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5 Ways to Spend Time With Your College Kids

During this unprecedented time of social distancing and entertaining ourselves at home, there are plenty of articles circulating about how parents can entertain and bond with their younger housebound kids. However, what’s a college parent to do with their adult children while they’re home? It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your college kids who may not always be around, cultivate new talents together, or simply have fun in each others’ company, despite the circumstances. If you’re looking for some ideas about what to do with your college kids after the day’s online classes are over, here are 5 ideas:

1. Cook something together. Your student is probably tired of eating microwaved meals in their student apartment, so this can be a win for them in two ways: they get to eat real food for once, and they may learn how to make it on their own! is a great database for all kinds of recipes for different skill levels. is another great resource especially during a time like this where trips to the grocery store are limited. Simply input what ingredients you have, and Supercook will give you a recipe using those ingredients.

2. Look at family photos. Chances are that your family has a big tote or tin somewhere in the house full of old family photos. Break out your kids’ baby albums, childhood photos, or pictures of you when you were their age. Looking at photos together is a great way to reminisce and tell stories about old times, and have a smile or a laugh together.

3. Share your favorite movies and TV shows. During your time apart, you and your kids have probably acquired some new and different tastes in TV shows or movies. Share your favorites with each other, create a list of things to watch together, and pick a day to go through them! Pop some popcorn, bake cookies, or make your favorite snacks to eat while you watch.

4. Play a board or card game. Games are classic, clean fun for the whole family to engage in together. Some of our family’s favorites to play together are The Game of Life, Catan, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and Apples to Apples. Plan a game night (or day) and play your family’s favorites, or try a new one.

5. Talk. Your college kids are growing adults, coming into their own and developing their own ideas, opinions, and views of the world. A one-on-one conversation with your adult child is the best way to get to know them, bond, and share ideas. Talk about the current state of the world, their friends, their classes, the show they’re watching, or the book they’re reading. Your children will feel closer to you because of it. The topic doesn’t matter - just listen!

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