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A Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving Day. A day of family, food, fun, and football if your team is playing. One game you can count on viewing on Turkey Day is the Ole Miss vs Mississippi State, also known as the Egg Bowl!

Why is it called the Egg Bowl you ask?

Don’t worry, we have a full history for you below.

In-state rivals Ole Miss and Mississippi State have been facing off since 1901, and it is always a heated rivalry. Initially called the “Battle for the Golden Egg,” due to the trophy looking more like an egg rather than a football.

Oddly enough, this trophy has not always been around. It was introduced in 1927 after fights broke out about tearing down goalposts. The trophy was presented to prevent future fights from breaking out among fans. It would be years before the term “Egg Bowl” would be used to reference this game.

In 1978, the Clarion Ledger dubbed the match-up “The Egg Bowl” since both teams were not bowl-eligible that season. The name stuck and has become ingrained at both schools.

Now that you know the history behind this “egg”cellent football rivalry, you can cheer on the Rebels as they fight to keep the Golden Egg in Oxford this Thanksgiving Day! Hotty Toddy!

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