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Are You Game Day Ready?

Football season is HERE! In fact, we have had our first game of the season, but we are coming upon the first home game in Davis Wade Stadium! We are here to make sure you are READY!

1. Do you have your cowbell? A cowbell is a must. Trust me on this. Once you get to the stadium, everyone will be ringing their cowbells, and if you don't have one, you will feel left out. Where can you get one? University Screen Print sells cowbells that are unique and handmade. Find one that is the perfect size for you, and get it decorated while you are there!

2. Do you have your clear purse? You cannot take anything into the stadium that does not meet the standards for our stadium. Any bag or purse that you take through security on game day MUST be clear. R. Tabb & Co. Boutique and Gifts has clear purses in stock that will match your outfit.

3. Do you have your maroon or white? This week's game colors are both maroon and white, so you get to choose or have a combination of both. Wear your maroon and white proudly and ring your cowbells high! You can find maroon and white almost anywhere in Starkville, but I recommend either The Lodge or Maroon and Co. for the best options. Save the cover photo on this article to help you remember what color to wear to each home game this year!

4. Do you have somewhere to tailgate? Tailgating at MSU in the Junction is a huge tradition, and we can't wait to have our own tailgate for parents this year! Be sure to stop by our parents tailgate for free food, snacks, information, and more. You can RSVP on our website.

Other than these four tips, be sure that you have good walking shoes on, a good appetite, and a loud voice to help cheer on our bulldogs to victory!

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