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Beep Beep! Insiders Guide to Navigating the Roads of Oxford

BEEP BEEP! Look out Oxford, we’ve got the class of 2024 almost on the roads! Parents, we’re ready for them, but we need to make sure they are ready to drive around this small but crazy college town.

When your child first arrives, these roads will seem like a maze with no end, but within a months time they’ll have it down to a T. There are many Oxford driving tips freshman have to learn, the hard way, but we’re here to (hopefully) make them aware before they arrive. Here’s what our team at POM offers as tips to the roads in Oxford.

1. Jackson Avenue is hectic, avoid it during busy times.

Jackson can be considered the main road in Oxford as it is home to many stores, shops, and restaurants. Namely WALMART. It’s great because you can find everything you need within the span of a two-mile long road, but there are many frustrations this thoroughfare. Most accidents in Oxford happen on the roads of Jackson Avenue due to the amount of traffic on the road, so make sure to inform your child to be extra careful on this road. It is also best to inform them to (if possible) avoid Jackson between the hours of 5pm and 6pm, especially on Monday’s and lunchtime.

2. Traffic roundabouts are everywhere, get used to them.

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