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Bring Your RV to Starkville

Football season

is here, and while many people choose to stay in hotels, there are other options that are just as easy and affordable. Have you ever thought about bringing your RV to Starkville to stay for a game weekend? You can simply pack everything youneed in the motor home and head to Starkvegas! Once you get to here, you can park your RV and tailgate all weekend long. You may be wondering where you can park your RV, and that is what we are here to help you with. Moreland Storage is a great location to park your RV this fall season. They are located approximately 15 minutes from campus in a quiet niche on Old Highway 25. By parking your RV here, you are the perfect distance to the city, town, and MSU. Are you someone who doesn't like to tailgate in theJunction or isn't able to attend Davis Wade? Plug in your TV, add some snacks, and invite some friends over and you have a wonderful night ahead of you cheering on the bulldogs! Here's a tip though, don't forget your cowbell!Contact Moreland Storage today and book your spot for your RV this fall season.662-323-4892

1740 Old Hwy 25, Starkville

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