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But Those Bricks Around Campus- what they really mean (and how you can get one!)

Hotty Toddy! The bricks are officially in the ground in the Circle! Each graduating class is assigned its own area on campus and the Class of 2023 can be found on the southern side of the Circle towards Carrier Hall.

You might be wondering “Why is this brick a big deal?”


Here is what it means to one of our graduating interns, Katie:


Having a brick installed on the Ole Miss campus is something I have been looking forward to since my orientation in June 2019. I have been coming to the Ole Miss campus throughout my life, and the class bricks have always been such an interesting aspect of the campus to me. At the most basic level, it just means you are a part of the campus you attended. On the deeper level, for me personally, it is a way to show my legacy as an Ole Miss student. I can always come back to the campus, and my name is still on campus. This is something I can show my kids, nieces, nephews, and any other people I gain in my life!


The brick in the Circle is meaningful because it is a physical culmination of the past years work to become a college graduate. The University gives us a diploma with our name on it that we get to take with us, and we get to leave a brick with our name on it!



If your student happened to miss out getting a brick when they graduated, it would make for a great wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift. Call the Ole Miss Alumni Association at 662-915-7375 for more information.

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