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COVID-19 Update

After months of navigating these times of uncertainty, the global COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed life as we know it in Oxford.

State officials have recently lifted the statewide mask mandate in Mississippi. This leaves the decision of whether or not to enforce the mask mandate up to the discretion of each city’s local government. As of today, masks are still required in Oxford.

Several businesses in the Oxford area that offer daily COVID testing include Ole Town Med on Jackson Ave. and Webb Family Medical Clinic 20 miles south of Oxford in Water Valley. Students can also receive testing at the student health center located on campus.

Students are advised to keep an eye out for symptoms that may indicate an active case of COVID-19. In the event that students believe they might have been exposed to COVID-19, they are highly encouraged to get tested immediately and follow all CDC guidelines. If your student does in fact test positive for COVID-19, the CDC suggests that they distance themselves from others for the required 14 day quarantine period.

Our very own CEO Kate Rosson along with other moms in the Oxford area have graciously donated their time and efforts to helping any students that may need extra assistance during their quarantine. Contact with any concerns you may have regarding your student acquiring resources during their quarantine.

While classes still remain mostly online or hybrid method, students are still encouraged to avoid large gatherings and wear a mask when around others. Recent trends show the number of active cases slowly declining from that of August and September’s statistics.

For more information regarding COVID-19, visit to receive the latest updates.

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