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Crawfish Fast Facts

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually 5 seasons in this area of the country: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Crawfish. Starkville is no exception to this, and with the beginning of baseball and warm days (hopefully) comes crawfish season. With it officially in full swing here in Bulldog Country, here are some crawfish quick facts you can use to show off your knowledge at the next crawfish boil:

· Louisiana is the first and only state to have an official state crustacean. The crawfish was given this honorable title in 1983.

· While they don’t survive long in captivity (or in a pot to be boiled), wild crawfish can live up to eight years.

· The crawfish farming industry in Louisiana is extremely profitable, bringing in almost $120 million a year in revenue.

· Crawfish can increase in weight by 40% after molting their outer shell.

· Out of the 500 species of crawfish found on Earth, only two species are eaten in the United States.

If you’re looking for an appropriate place to share your new crawfish knowledge, there are multiple places in Starkville serving up crawfish this season:

The Little Dooey



The Veranda

Restaurant Tyler

STAGgerIN Sports Bar and Grill

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