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DIY Popcorn Garland

Christmas will be here soon, which means decorations will be up sooner than we think! Here is a fun activity for your family to do this Christmas to decorate your tree in a unique way. 

What you will need:

  • popcorn

  • quilting needle

  • clear fishing wire

  • clear tape 

Set up:

Have a big workspace. Have each family member a long strand of fishing wire (lengths can vary). Tie a quilting needle to the end of the fishing wire for easy popcorn threading.

Threading the popcorn:

Take a piece of popcorn, and thread the needle through the center of it. Move the threaded piece of popcorn down to the end of the wire. Continue threading popcorn with needle until the wire in full. Use different styles, sizes, and kinds of popcorn for different decor options all over your house or tree. 

To end:

Wrap a thick layer of clear tape around both ends of the fishing wire. This helps the popcorn not to fall or slide off and will keep it in place all season long. 

And you’re done! A simple, but fun family activity to try this season. Play Christmas movies or music in the background to help get your family into the holiday spirit. Hang your popcorn garland all around your house on your trees, mantles, and shelves for a fun and festive decoration. 

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