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Don't Get Stuck on the Square - Get a Safe Ride Home!

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we all know the struggle of trying to get home from the square on a busy night. People crowding the streets, cars trying to find their passengers, etc. By the time you want to leave, you’ve already spent money on covers and drinks, and that $20 uber charge just cements the annoyance you already feel. When you live in a residence hall on campus, it seems that walking would be a cheaper and smarter option. But while this may seem like a better idea, walking home in the dark after a night on the square is dangerous. And it's not necessary since Oxford has several ways to get home safe.

Uber, while sometimes pricey on a gameday weekend, is a solid option. The city of Oxford now has designated pick-up areas, North, West, and East. While this substantially reduces traffic on the square, it does add an extra walk to the car. These areas are well lit and patrolled, so there are no worries about safety.

Safe ride runs every Thursday-Saturday from 9 pm-2 am. They stop at all residence halls, including:

  • Stockard Hall

  • Martin Hall

  • Minor Hall

  • Northgate

  • All Residential Colleges

  • Minor Hall

  • Crosby Hall

They also stop at Fraternity Row, and near sorority houses on both Rebel drive and Sorority Row.

Safe Ride is a reliable, safe way for any student to get home. Best of all, it is completely free for students. So don’t risk a criminal charge or putting yourself in harm's way. Ole Miss has created a great organization to make sure students are safe and protected during those fun nights on the square. For more information, contact Safe Ride at

The great thing about all of these options is you can rest easy knowing that your kids can get home safely after a night of fun. Relay to them to be sure to always use the buddy system and stay in lighted areas......these are just a couple of things that we always relay to students regardless of where they are. A safe ride home is worth a million!

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