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Eyesight Expertise

Your eyes are a vital organ, and we sometimes take them for granted. Eye safety is important year-round. Those who wear glasses or contacts know the struggle of always keeping your eyes safe and your eyesight the best it can be. Sunglasses are a huge hit in the summer and fall months to help block the sun and keep our eyes from straining. When we buy all of these eyesight items, are we buying the correct form or are we just buying what is fashionable and trendy?

Sunglasses are so popular during those hot days because we seem to always be outside. We are at sports events, activities, and gatherings, and our sunglasses help keep us a little bit more sane. Depending on your eyesight, you may need prescribed sunglasses. UV protection is a necessity for most, and will help you in the long run.

Glasses and contacts are necessary for a huge part of the population. Updating and changing out your eyewear is important -- especially when you haven't in a long time. Before your student comes to school, do they need to get an updated eye exam? Do they need to find an eye doctor here in Starkville? One option that they can use is one of our advertisers, Mitchell Eye Care, located on Highway 12.

In today's age, computers, tablets, and technology are a constant for many, so blue light glasses have become a new trend. These glasses are made to help block the blue light rays that come from technology screens. For those who work on computers often, these glasses have proven to minimize headaches and strained eyes. Some are prescribed, while others are bought online or from eyewear and outlet stores.

Whatever your eyesight needs are, be sure not to neglect them. Your eyes are important and you will always need them, so don't lose them now!

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