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Fashion from Winter to Spring

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this year, so luckily for us that means that spring is right around the corner! Spring means new leaves on trees and colorful flowers everywhere you look, along with a new wardrobe transition from winter to spring.

The clothes are starting to become just as colorful and fun as the flowers. Winter was all about dark colors and heavy layers, now it’s time to turn that around. There are so many cute places on the Square that just returned from market with the latest spring fashions. If you are in desperate need of some retail therapy or need that perfect outfit for spring break, now is the perfect time to go! (Plus, all of the winter apparel is on sale!) They are bringing in everything from sandals and heels to jean shorts and bathing suits. Everyone needs a few basic clothing items to start off their new collection: sundresses, cardigans, maxi skirts, and some fun spring prints. Once you have the basics then you can mix and match different pieces to make it last throughout the whole season! Accessories are always a girl’s best friend. They can add a pop of color or dress up a simple outfit. Spring is a light and fun season, so your wardrobe should reflect that.

The clothes and shoes aren’t the only thing that changes during this transition time. The makeup styles also change as well. If you aren’t sure what to do or how you should do it, head over to Zoe or Amy Head and talk to an expert there about changing your shade of powder, concealer and eyeshadows for the spring season.

If shopping is not up your alley, then you can still participate in this seasonal transitional by going to get your nails done at one of the many nail salons in Oxford. Light pink, nudes and pastels are usually the go-to colors for spring. Getting your nails done is relaxing and refreshing, especially if it’s a light and fun color.

One last tip for preparing for the spring season: clean out your closet! If you see something and you haven’t worn it in a year or it doesn’t bring you happiness anymore, GET RID OF IT! There is no point in keeping all of the old clothes that you never wear, because all it does it clutter up your closet. Free up some space and donate or sell those old clothes. You will feel a lot better after doing this!

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