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Fashion Week: What You Should Know

Fashion Week is upon us here at POMS! We are so excited to show you all things that have to do with both women's and men's fashion! This week will give you an insiders look into the best stores, boutiques, and shops in Starkville for all of the fashion trends. We will have posts featuring some of the latest fashion. We will have Facebook Live videos each day at two different locations in Starkville to give us tips, tricks, and advice on all things fashion. Here is a tip for you! Each Facebook Live will have a giveaway tied to it! You MUST comment in order to receive an entry into the giveaway. It is super easy to win, and you can win something to treat yourself for once instead of your student!

We hope you join us this week and participate actively on our social media accounts for Fashion Week. This information should help you and your student coming to Mississippi State to navigate the city of Starkville when it comes to trends and fashion statements. Let us help you and tune in this week!

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