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Fight Those Bugs Away!

Does your student live in an apartment, condo, or house? Bugs may be one of their problems this school year!

1. Bugs tend to come into living spaces that are messy. You child may not realize that they have to pick up after themselves at college because mom and dad are not there to do it for them. Leaving out food or dishes in the sink can attract unwanted visitors in their home away from home.

2. Bugs can find their way into your child's piles of clothes. If your child doesn't fold or hang their clothes for a long period of time, spiders and unwanted rodents may bury themselves inside. Be sure to remind your students to hang their clothes.

3. Bugs may come over when the pest control company does not! Some pest controls visit regularly, but some only come when they are called. Remind your student that they need to have their living space sprayed regularly for bugs, and they may have to call their exterminator to make sure this service is done.

If your child is in need of a pest control service, Hunt Pest Control serves the Starkville area. Contact them at 888-272-9670 or to schedule any of their services.

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