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Food For Your Student's Soul - Right Here In Starkville

With more tests and projects being scheduled in the coming weeks, your student is going to be more stressed than ever, and many times, all they want is comfort food. Being on a college campus where unsatisfying junk food is an easy option, students are often left wanting more. However, comfort food may be more easily accessible than they think. Check out this list of hotspots around Starkville to find delicious comfort food.

1. Central Station Grill’s Pepper Jack Fried Cheese

This appetizer is the perfect treat after a stressful day of homework and tests. The creamy, melty cheese mixed with the golden breading makes for the perfect treat to bring a little bit of comfort to a hectic day. Eat them alone or grab one of Central Station Grill’s famous entrees like the Bayou Chicken to make for a satisfying meal.

2. Starkville Café’s Hungry Man Breakfast

Does your student miss the big, hearty breakfast that they enjoyed back home? Starkville Café has the perfect solution: breakfast that is reminiscent of your grandmother’s grits and bacon. This platter contains two eggs, a pancake, hash browns or grits, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. This platter is the perfect sampling of all of your favorite breakfasts foods to help you get a positive start to a long day of college.

3. Stromboli’s Cookie Dough Bites

Maybe your student has more of a sweet tooth, and their idea of comfort food is cookie dough. Stromboli’s Cookie Dough Bites (pictured above) offer a delightful twist on the popular action of eating cookie dough straight from the fridge. Fried to perfection, these crispy cookie dough bites topped with powdered sugar and served piping hot are the perfect treat to celebrate the conclusion of test week.

4. Slim Chickens' Chicken and Waffles

What’s better than combining two familiar favorites into one delicious meal? NOTHING! Treat your student to a comfort food that is rising in popularity. The crispiness of chicken tenders mixed with the crunch of a waffle and sweetness of sticky syrup is a combination that can get your student through even the toughest days, and Slim Chicken’s chicken and waffles is a slam dunk. If your student is more traditional, though, send them to Slim Chicken’s with their student ID and they can get a Chick Meal (3 tenders, Texas toast, fries, and a medium drink) for only $5! That’s a deal you can’t beat!

5. Fried Chicken Wednesdays or Catfish Fridays at the Marketplace at Perry

If your student has a meal plan (or even if they don’t!), the traditions of Fried Chicken Wednesdays and Catfish Fridays are the perfect time for your student to get their fix of Southern comfort food. These Southern classics are sure to provide your student with delicious fried food, and with all of the other options at the all you care to eat cafeteria, your student will probably find many more options that bring them comfort halfway through the day, without ever leaving campus.

6. Homemade popcorn from The Pop Porium

Popcorn is good, but the way The Pop Porium pops their popcorn is better. By adding natural flavors from chocolates to fruit, they are sure to have a popcorn that is perfect for your student. Does your student prefer sweet or salty? What about both? The good news is, whatever their taste buds may desire, The Pop Porium will have it. And if not, it's always good to leave a suggestion.

No matter what your student prefers, comfort food can be found all over Starkville, and it’s always okay to treat yourself to a food in order to make a dark day brighter or to start off a day in just the right way. So, the next time your student feels homesick, send them these suggestions for comfort food to make their day better, and maybe even put a couple of bucks in their bank account, so they can go out and enjoy them!

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