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Fun Activities for your College Student During COVID

We all know it can be difficult finding things to do during this time of COVID. This is the time for your creativity skills to come into play! Even though we are restricted from doing some of the things we used to be able to do prior to COVID, we have a list of activities to help your college students have some fun and not be so bored in their dorms or apartments!

1. Make a Schedule

To keep your college students from being bored and getting lazy, have them create a schedule of things they can do during the day when they have free time! When you have something planned for your week it can make you feel more productive and give yourself a sense of accomplishment. They do not have to always be huge, detailed activities. Sometimes just telling yourself that you are going to read is beneficial!

2. Teleparties

Teleparties are a new way to watch movies and TV shows all together with either family or friends. It is similar to Zoom in a way that you can watch any TV show or movie and have a group also on the screen there watching with you. It is a great way to keep in touch with people and also be socially distanced!

3. Podcasts

If you are or are not a fan of reading, podcasts are the way to go! Whether you are listening on the Podcast app or Spotify, they both offer thousands of different podcasts for you and your college student to listen to! There are different genres provided so you can find one that suits your interests at any point. Podcasts are also great for long drives if you live far away from your University and are going back or coming home!

4. Outdoor Activities

The time of COVID is the best time to get outdoors and be active. Walking is a great form of exercise and it is easy to find different places to go walking either on campus or in your student’s college town. Tell your student to invite their friends to go do outdoor yoga! You can get a great relaxing exercise in while even being socially distanced.

5. Check in on your friends!

This is probably the most important point on our list. With everyone’s lives changing, people are going through hard times. Tell your students to check in on your friends because you never know what they could be going through or are struggling with. This will show them that they care and how much they value their friendship!

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