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Get Experience Before You Graduate

Depending on your major at Mississippi State University, you may have different opportunities than other majors. For example, within the international business, communication, and fashion merchandising majors, internships are required. Kinesiology is another example of a major that requires an internship. However, when kinesiology is your major, the internship is worked into the schooling of the student by the university.

There are multiple tips when applying for internships to follow:

1. Apply ahead of time.

2. Look into duration/hour qualifications of the internship.

3. Look locally. Some places may have internships that you never thought would.

4. Reassure yourself by calling and not only checking online.

5. Utilize the Career Center to its full potential especially when reviewing your resumé.


7. Follow up all interviews with a thank you email.

All ages can acquire internships, whether you are a freshman or a senior. Summer internships are available to help you obtain experience in the desired field you want to be a part of. Sometimes the experience even leads people to change their major and realize that they want to pursue another field. Do not pass up the chance to obtain an internship early because it will help you later in the long run. No one should be stressed out after graduation with what they want to do.

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