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Giddy For Graduation

Are You Ready … for your student to be an Ole Miss graduate? Graduation is in

just three months! Can you believe it? Your student has worked so hard to get here, and we have some tips for you about the craziness that graduation brings to campus and Oxford.


Not sure when graduation is? We have you covered. Graduation spans from Wednesday May 10 to Sunday May 14, Convocation will be Saturday May 13 at 8 AM. To make sure you attend the right ceremony, verify your student’s ceremony by

referencing the schedule at *Please note the time and location of the ceremony as some ceremonies are at the same time in different locations. For anyone that cannot attend that would like to watch the ceremony, there will be a live stream at Reservations and Bookings Three months may seem like forever away, but it will be here in a flash. In that same flash, all the bookings you forgot about will be full. Be sure to book your stay at a hotel or rental space before they are all gone! If they are all full by the time you book or you would prefer to not stay in Oxford, check the surrounding areas such as Batesville, Pontotoc, or Tupelo. You should also make any dinner reservations now! Oxford will be a very busy city during graduation week, so the restaurants are going to be FULL. If you plan on getting catering for a graduation party, book sooner rather than later. Most caterers in the area have a limit on orders, so get yours in to enjoy some of Oxford’s

best food. While you’re thinking about food, go ahead and preorder any cakes, cupcakes, or cookies to ensure you get some tasty treats to celebrate with!

In summary, go ahead & book what you can. It will make life so much easier in the end.

Getting Around Campus

Traffic will be more intense than ever, so please allow for PLENTY of time for graduation day. *TIP: Carpool if and where you can, it will make getting around Oxford that much easier. Not only should you allow time for traffic, but also walking to your ceremony location and getting into a seat. *Please note that there will be road closures on campus, so do not count on being able to pull up to the door to let people out of the vehicle.

Graduation is a fantastic time in Oxford that brings so much joy, and we are so excited to help you where we can. These helpful tips should give you some peace of mind and

make you and your student’s graduation experience. P.S. Be on the lookout for graduation specials from some of Oxford’s favorite businesses, and take advantage if you see them.

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