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Going Greek

The Fall was quickly approaching and I did not know many people at Mississippi State. One thing that I did know was that I wanted to be involved on campus at MSU, just like I had been at my previous junior college. The friends I had coming to MSU said that a common option was to “Go Greek.”

No one in my family had ever been a part of a fraternity or sorority. Therefore, I had no idea how recruitment or rush worked. I was welcomed to campus at orientation and had conversations with a few of the recruitment chairs there. This helped me to understand a little more about the process of "going Greek."

My first semester I passed up the opportunity to join a fraternity. The following spring semester, I decided to give it a chance. To my surprise, I received a bid and found a place that encouraged me to be myself, offered me leadership opportunities, and provided me with friendships and brotherhood that will last a lifetime. The sense of Greek unity that was present throughout recruitment, lasted throughout the rest of college.

It seemed that as the years passed, more and more of my friends went Greek and loved finding their homes and creating relationships with people they would not have known otherwise. One local Mississippi girl rushed and became friends with another girl from out of state. The two actually ended up in different sororities, but they became and remained friends regardless. The two would have never known each other if they had not met during the recruitment process.

Going Greek supplies you with an outlet for not only friendships, but also relationships that will persevere throughout the years. Greek life provides you with leadership opportunities, connections on campus, philanthropic and volunteer options, and potential job opportunities for your future.

Panhellenic recruitment registration is now open online. For students coming to MSU in the fall, this is definitely an opportunity to consider! MSU also offers numerous clubs and organizations to be a part of other than Greek life. For me, though, Greek life has been one of the best experiences of my life and has impacted me greatly. Don’t miss your chance to "Go Greek" because I almost did!

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