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How To Avoid Parking Tickets At MSU

Parking is always hectic on campus (especially during the first two weeks of school and during finals), but how can you stay away from getting a parking ticket? I have created a list of how your student can avoid getting parking tickets at MSU year-round.

1. If you see a "service parking" sign, a white "S" or the word "service" painted on the ground, don't park there.

2. If you have a handicap or recent injury, take your paperwork to the Roberts Building (Home of Steak&Shake) and register it. Otherwise, you'll get a ticket.

3. If you have a commuter pass, do not park in resident zones.

4. If you have a resident pass, do not park in commuter zones.

5. NEVER park in the grass. Even on sorority row for Monday night Chapter.

6. Do NOT tape your permit onto your vehicle or place it inside the back windshield. They must be stuck to the outside of the window in the rear left corner, or you will receive a ticket.

7. If you are a commuter, you can park in ANY commuter zone after 3 p.m. (Resident zones do not count, and you will get a ticket for parking in one!)

8. If it is after 6 p.m. you can park in any STAFF or COMMUTER zone. You can NOT park in resident or Greek lots after 6 p.m. or you will receive a ticket.

9. If you are working out at the Sanderson Center, you cannot park in the lot beside it unless you have a North Commuter permit. Otherwise, you will get a ticket.

10. You cannot leave your car parked outside in any wrong or unmarked space for any length of time -- even if it is only for 5 minutes.

What if you are struggling to find a parking space? There are several Any Valid Permit lots on the extreme North and South Ends of campus. There is also an open lot for South Resident and East Commuter that is accessible from Morrill Road.

To find a parking map, buy a permit or view a list of services, such as bike or bus transportation, visit the MSU parking website here.

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