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Important Apps All Parents Should Download

Fall semester is HERE! Once school officially starts, your busy college student might have a tendency to forget to keep you in the loop of all the things happening on campus and in Oxford. We love to help out our Parents anyway we can, but there are also some very beneficial apps you can download to help manage and stay updated with all things Ole Miss.


The GET app is great for parents and students to download so they are able to track how much money they have left on their student ID. The app allows you to see how much Flex and Ole Miss Express money you have available, previous transactions, meal plans and ways to deposit more money. This app is especially helpful for adding Express dollars for freshmen using the laundry services in the dorm. Parents have the option to deposit money into either their Flex or Express account as long as they have the student’s ID number and name. Students log-in by their MyOleMiss username and password.

LiveSafe App

Students are always encouraged to download the LiveSafe app, but there are features available that parents love as well. One feature of LiveSafe is the option to have quick access to emergency contacts and the app allows safety officials to leverage the students location-data, which results in faster response times. A feature that is helpful to parents is the option to virtually walk contacts to their destination and know when they’ve arrived or it allows them to request a police escort. Other features include options to share information with safety officials through photos, video or audio as well as the access to a campus resource tab.


Although Venmo is not just an app for college students, it is definitely one of the most used apps among students. Venmo makes the process of sending students their allowance, rent or any extra money that much easier since students use this practically every day with their roommates and friends. Ordering a Venmo card for your student is also beneficial and can be used practically everywhere.


Before you download Blackboard and log in to see your student’s grades, make sure it is a mutual agreement so you will not violate any FERPA regulations. Some students do not mind when their parents have access to their classes, but your student has every right to keep their information private.

Any and all of these apps are helpful for both you and your student. Get ahead of the game and download them today!

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