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Is Maroon A Must?

Maroon is not only Mississippi State's color, but it is also a staple for this fall season. You need a closet full of maroon with lots of accessories to dress up or down anything.

But you don't only need maroon clothes. You need maroon everything!

You also need maroon decor for your house. Maroon accent pieces can be found in Starkville at Home Store Furnishings on Hwy 12. Whenever you need a new recliner, side table, or lamp, stop by there to find pieces that you need!

You will need maroon makeup accents too. Maroon lipstick or eye shadow pallets can spice up any look this fall! Stop by Merle Norman Luna Bella to get your new makeup accents today!

Your maroon cowbells are definitely a must! Legend has it that you can't buy your first one, so send a friend or family member to University Screenprint to buy you a great maroon cowbell for this football season!

So here's what we mean when we ask if maroon is a must: YES! Go buy some maroon because you can never have enough!!

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