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Is This Oxford or Hallmark?

Oxford is one of the most unique places you can visit. A small town that is connected to an SEC school, Oxford is a physical oxymoron. Yet, Oxford is so much more during the holiday season. It becomes a snow globe town.

A snow globe town. The little town inside of a snow globe that seems to be the perfect place for the holidays. That is what people think Oxford feels like during the holiday seasons because of how the town shows out for the holidays.

A snow globe town. A Hallmark town. Out of a storybook or magazine. The canopy of lights on Oxford’s square for the holiday season brings a plethora of nicknames to the small town, but they all mean the same thing. Beautiful. Whimsical. Joyful. The lights tend to bring a smile to the face of any patron on the sidewalks. With a setup of approximately 30,000 lights, the display marks the beginning of the holiday season. This beloved display solidifies its “snow globe” title when it actually snows!

One other aspect of holiday décor on the square that ups the Christmas cheer is the Gnome Homes! This newer feature was started by two local women, Deb Hankins and Angela Maloney, and their children. It excites residents because these require a little investigating to enjoy. Placed in windowsills and small corners around the square. You can find little gnome villages that are festive and adorable. Keep your eye out and snap a picture if you find one.

These festive decorations and hidden gems allow for a genuine love for the holidays to flourish in the small town of Oxford, MS that is definitely worth experiencing at least once.

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