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Is Your Family Ready for Halloween?

With Halloween being a little different this year, we have a few ideas for you and your family to have the best Halloween yet! Whether you are wanting to decorate the whole house or just watch a few movies to get in the Halloween spooky spirit, we have a list of fun activities for you all to enjoy family time during the start of the Holiday season.

1. Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is always a Halloween classic, but never gets old. Start by researching different designs online to decide what each person in your family wants to make. Just make a trip to your local Target or grocery store and they will have pumpkin carving kits to help make the process a little easier! If not, you can always stick to kitchen supplies and they will work just as well!

2. Movie Watch Night

Every year, different television channels will have Halloween specials for you and your family to watch to get into that spooky season feeling. Different streaming services will also provide different specials as well. You never should miss a Halloween season without watching Hocus Pocus!

3. Make Spooky Treats

Making different treats is always the best part of Halloween! Just by looking on the internet for ideas, thousands of Halloween inspired ideas will pop up. Some of our favorites are caramel apples and mummy looking chocolate covered strawberries! This is a fun way to get your whole family involved in an activity that will result in tasty deserts!

4. Research the History of Halloween

Every year Americans celebrate Halloween, but many do not know the origin of how it all started. Have you and your family look up the history to understand why our country celebrates it every year! It all started from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People would wear different costumes to scare the ghosts off and light bonfires! Who would’ve known?

5. Go “Ghosting”

Go “ghosting” this year instead of trick or treating! This is a safe way of trick or treating by being socially distanced. Make a bag of candy and Halloween inspired goodies and leave them at your friend’s doors! It shows you care and will make their Halloween experience even better. Have them try to figure out who sent them the goodies!

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