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It may be COVID - But "We A'int Ever Lost a Party" - Still. Tailgate 2020

This year we will miss the excitement of being in The Grove, celebrating and enjoying the presence of our friends, eating the best food and getting ready to cheer on our Ole Miss Rebels. Although we physically cannot be in The Grove, that doesn’t mean we have to give up our Grove mindset.

As you’ve read on our social media, Oxford still needs you. Now more than ever. Our local businsses have been devastated by the C-word. (I refuse to write it ouy anymore!) So, as we have asked you before, we ask you again… please come visit, PLEASE. As the old saying goes in Oxford: We may not win every game, be we ain’t never lost a party.” So come here and “Tailgate at Home” with your friends, families and/or students. I for one will be partaking in a neighborhood wide tailgate here in Oxford! I’m excited to be with my fellow friends, neighbors and I’m even inviting my regular tailgate group to come! Same tents, same décor….. just in my hood’! Won’t you be my neighbor?

Check out this list of awesome vendors who are the backbone of tailgating in Oxford – in the Grove or not – this is the “go-to” list.


A great tailgate isn’t complete without great food. Here are some of Oxford’s favorite catering companies:

A&N Catering located in Taylor, MS, is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team come together create unique menus for any event. A&N Catering has plenty of experience creating delicious dishes, because they also own locally loved Taylor restaurant, GRIT. You know how special their food is if you’ve eaten there.

My Michelle’s offers everything from hors d’oeuvres to full course meals, and is more than willing to help design a menu to fit all your needs. Don’t forget about drinks, My Michelle’s offers a variety of bar catering menus, too!

Party Waitin To Happen – this mom/son duo are both trained culinary chefs and their attention to taste and detail do not ever disappoint. Wiley “W” and his mom Ibby are a special team to me personally and I know I can count on them for my one-of-a-kind creations.

Taylor Grocery Catering located in Taylor, and the catering side is run by our good friend Butch. You know the saying, “Don’t trust a skinny cook?” Ya – I trust Butch. Truly, I have been catering a variety of events with him for more than 10 years. He listens, he created and he delivers on exception taste and value. Think MORE than their renowned Fried Catfish!

The Main Event is a catering company run by City Grocery’s Restaurant Group which in