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It's Time. Tailgating is Back!

There is something about living in a college town when football season finally arrives. But when it’s been TWO LONG years since Groving, its return is that much sweeter. It’s Thursday of our first home game and the traffic has already picked up in town, and it’s just now hours shy of “Trash Can Friday” and the famous dash to the highly coveted spots in the Grove.

While its quite the experience to beeline to a top notch spot, it’s even sweeter when you’re not actually sweating it out alongside others and your witnessing the art of the Grove. Insert in Seven South Tailgating. This concierge tailgate company takes tailgating to the next level. Owned by Kyle Thornton since 2009, they take on hundreds of tents each week and do it flawlessly.

If you’ve ever been to the Grove, you’ll understand what a sea of red, blue and white tents there are on Game Day. A favorite of mine is how many people say “I’m looking for a red tent, just off the walk of champions.” Good luck! No but in reality, Seven South, the exclusive tent provider of POM offers a free service where they will personally escort you to your tent. Get lost? No problem… just visit their headquarter tent, located at Union Plaza and they will get you back to your tailgate.

Some other things to note of their services include:

  • Curbside Meet & Greet: A team member will meet you with a flatbed cart at the curb of drop off (remember… the only place you can drop off without a parking permit is on Lyceum Dr. & Loop) and they will load your items and bring them to your tent.

  • Single Games: Not interested in a whole season of tailgating? That’s fine! Seven South offers single game tailgates.

  • Base Packages (tent, chair, coolers) start at just $225 for non-SEC games and $300 for SEC games!

  • Want to add on a special something? Sure! They can add a TV package, Hay (for wet ground cover), Fans, Lighting, and more. Have something up your sleeve? Just ask! They love customizing your tailgate- from Zebra designed tents, the ideas are endless! Just wait til you see what they are doing for our POM Tailgate!

Be sure you check out Seven South and get your tent booked asap! We’re super proud to partner with them as the official tailgate company of POM and our POM Tailgate! Hotty Toddy!

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