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Katherine Beck: A Little of Everything

Located in the heart of the Downtown Oxford Square, Katherine Beck Gifts is a high-end gift shop that offers one-of-a-kind home décor, party supplies, Greek items and gifts for any occasion. Owner Mason Watkins works closely with artists from around the country to design and create unique pieces of art ranging from wall paintings to jewelry to hand towels and pillows. “We want to make sure everyone can find something in our store whether it be an on-trend item or a more classic, traditional gift.“ For almost any occasion, the girls at Katherine Beck can help you put together the perfect gift basket. Their selection includes baby gift items, housewarming “happies”, perfect trinkets to serve as a birthday or graduation gift – and much more.

Perhaps, Katherine Beck Gifts is most well-known for their selection of Greek gifts. As many of you are well aware, Recruitment (Rush) at Ole Miss is a BIG deal. Parents of the girls participating in Recruitment often send little “happies” to them during the week of this grueling process. Then, on Bid Day, each girl can receive a “Bid Day Basket” of items with their new “letters” on them. Preordering rush week gifts and bid day baskets starts as early as May for a Fall Rush.

Mason and her staff enjoy seeing their regular shoppers during football season as well as meeting new people to show them what all Katherine Beck Gifts has to offer. “We love meeting new faces when a new student moves to Oxford; being able to connect/bond with the student and the parent and watch them grow over the next 4 years!”

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