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Keeping An Active, Healthy And Happy Dog

Do you or your MSU student have a canine companion? If so, you probably know that it is important to exercise your pet to keep them healthy; but just how important is it?

In short – very important! Proper exercise occupies your dog’s mind, builds muscle strength and prevents obesity. Dogs that lead active lifestyles are less likely to have common health problems such as canine arthritis and heart conditions. Along with health benefits, a walk around the block or a game of fetch can eliminate naughty behaviors like excessive barking or chewing. This way, Fido or Fluffy can chew a ball instead of your new shoes. Your vet can recommend the right amount of exercise for your dog’s breed, weight and temperament. Fortunately, Starkville offers many great ways to keep your dog on the move. Dog owners in the area frequently bring their dog to campus in the afternoons and evenings for a walk around the Drill Field or throwing a ball on the quad. If you’re interested in taking the scenic route, a run around Chadwick Lake on campus is always a good idea. Moncrief Park in town also offers a dog park for Rover to socialize and meet some new doggy friends.

If you’re looking for doggy daycare, boarding and grooming in Starkville, here are some options:

Shaggy Hound

PetSense Starkville

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