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Keeping it Clean in Oxford

In the midst of transitioning from home to college, it is almost inevitable for students to put off cleaning and staying on top of normal maintenance habits. In fact, keeping their cars and apartments clean might be the last two tasks on their minds. If this is the case for your student, don’t worry! Oxford has plenty of resources to help keep your student’s cleaning habits on track.

First things first, we all know how teen’s cars can get when life gets hectic. Trash builds up, vacuuming is past due, and almost everything is messy. Most students have a busy schedule with no time to spend an hour at the car wash. Along with that, students have no one to push them to take care of this task. However, Dirt Doctor Detailing in Oxford has a way to help!

Dirt Doctor Detailing is here to solve all car cleaning problems for students. The best thing about Dirt Doctors is that they bring the car wash and detailing to you, wherever you are. Along with coming to you, they offer any and all detailing services you could ask for. So, the struggles of having a messy car with no time to clean is no longer a problem. Reach out to Dirt Doctors on their Facebook page for more information!

Along with students not prioritizing their cars, there is no doubt their living spaces can be overlooked as well. We encourage you to get your students to reach out to Hot Mops of Oxford, a local cleaning service. They actually won the POM Choice award this year- chosen by you, the parents! Hot Mops of Oxford offers varieties of services including cleaning, janitorial, and general maintenance requests students living in apartments or condos may have. Hot Mops is always willing to help, and they say that “no job is too small.” To contact Hot Mops, go to their Facebook page!

A clean car and apartment is a great start, but students may be struggling with how to keep everything organized in their new place as well. Because this can be the first time students are living on their own, things can get cluttered fast. Luckily, Organized Chaos Oxford is happy to solve this problem. Organized Chaos offers any services regarding organization. They even will come into the dorms and organize their space! It’s a whole lot easier to keep something clean, if its organized to start! Give their Facebook page a look to see what all they have to offer.

An enjoyable living space entails cleanliness, organization, and successful storage. Storage in Oxford is a hot commodity, especially for students and families who come from out-of-state. You’ll want to have your storage unit secured no later than February for move-out in May. You read that right. But no need to fret, University Avenue Storage has you covered. Located only just a few miles from campus, University Avenue Storage has well lit security access, climate-controlled units, a security gate, and RV/Vehicle/Boat Parking. What more can you ask for? Super convenient location too, just past Kroger on the left!

Simple tasks can often be pushed aside, we all are guilty of it. But we’re proud to be local in Oxford and share great small businesses with you so you don’t have to do your own research. We got your back!

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