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Let's Shamrock the Block on the Square

St. Patrick's Day is just a few days away, let the shamrock shenanigans begin! St. Paddy’s Day is March 17th, which was the original week students were scheduled to have Spring Break. Because most of the students will be in town this week and with the recent lift of the mask mandate, we have compiled a few ideas for students to celebrate.

The Oxford St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

This crawl is organized by Joe Dicky and dates back to 2010. The crawl will surely have you in the Irish spirit and is known for having up to 500 crawlers. The celebration will begin at Harrisons between 3 and 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 20th. You can find more information and purchase shamrock shirts, koozies, and pins on the Facebook page. Grab a green-hued brew and prepare to be decked out in all things green and Irish for the crawl!

Come out to the Baseball Games

Ole Miss will be playing against LA Tech at 2 p.m. the day of St. Patrick's Day.

The baseball team will be hosting Auburn weekend after St. Patrick’s Day, the 19th-21st. Gather a few friends and bring your cooler to one of the weekend games!

It’s not a St. Paddy’s Day, until you have a fun green drink to sip on! Here is a recipe for a yummy Irish Margarita, similar to a classic margarita with an Irish spin on it.

Irish Margarita

Ingredients: tequila, Irish whiskey (Jameson), peach schnapps, aperol, blue curacao, pineapple juice, lime juice, ice, gold sugar crystals, and corn syrup.


1) Spread corn syrup onto the rims of margarita glasses

2) Place the gold sugar crystals on a plate and have the margarita glasses run through the sugar crystals

3) Add the liquor, juices, aperol, and peach schnapps into a shaker and shake the drink.

4) Strain the drink into the glasses and top if off with a lime.

Whatever you do, have fun and be safe!! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

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