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Let the Decorating Begin... in Oxford!

As this school year just came to a close, many students moved of their

dorms or apartments and this summer is full of decisions for the fall! Some may be living in an apartment, some in sorority/fraternity houses and even some of you scored a killer condo for your student! (If you haven’t already, you can call Stacy Harrison - local Realtor with Kessinger Real Estate and she can give you all the skinny on real estate here!)

So now that you have (or soon will have) the space, it can be difficult figuring out what furniture will be best for your space and how you choose to decorate, but it can also be so much fun! Luckily for Oxford, we have an awesome selection of furniture and interior decor stores that can make apartment or dorm shopping that much easier for you.

One of our favorites (and probably the newest addition to Oxford) is LeFleur Interiors and Gifts,

located just a minute walk off the Square. Their original store is in Jackson, and they have already made their mark on decor in Oxford. They have a wide variety of lighting, bedding, rugs, artwork, tables, couches, and more. Super prec stuff!!!

True veteran shoppers of Oxford also know two more gems when it comes to outfitting a space

“Discount” looks very unassuming from their location on Highway 6 (think tan metal building with the words “DISCOUNT” in red above.) But from the moment you can peer thru their glass doors, you know you found true heaven. Your welcome in advance.

A question I get a lot at our Empty Nester cocktail hours is about furniture. This being out 6th year to host, let me give you my elevator speech version on why buy local from Oxford Home Furnishings. Ready… go:

1. Wendy and her team have an amazing eye for furniture

2. Their prices are fabulous and only source great reliable brands (Best, Bassett, Universal and more…

3. They sure as heck aren’t a big box store! They offer what every small town should have: local business and service!

4. They will hold furnitire for you UNTIL MOVE IN!

5. And yes, I have LOTS of furniture in my house from there.

6. GO visit!!!

Last stop on the decorating tour in Oxford is none less than After Five Designs. Dawn Thomas has been creating LEGENDARY dorm rooms at Ole Miss for years.... let's just say she created the bar for what current dorm room decorating is. She creates magical spaces in concrete blocks and even comes to do install on move-in day! She's a true Wonder Woman and wears the dorm decorating crown proudly!

LeFleur is located at 609 South Lamar. Open Monday-Friday 10a.m. - 5p.m. and Saturday from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sunday they are open for appointments.

Inside Discount is located at 408 Highway 6 and Open Monday-Fridany 7:30a.m.-5p.m. and Saturday 8a.m-4p.m.

Oxford Home Furnishings is located at 1925 University Ave. and open Monday-Friday 10a.m.-5p.m. and Saturday 10a.m-3p.m.

After Five Designs is located in Jackson, MS with booths located in The Mustard Seed on Jackson Avenue in Oxford.

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