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Local Florists: An Insider’s Guide

In today’s society, most things are bought online – even flowers. However, this isn’t always the best solution and the occasion. Shopping at your local florist will allow you to receive a customized order that is the perfect match for you. These local florists also know what they currently have in their coolers, and what they can get before the date the arrangement is needed.

By shopping locally, you also have the benefit of having options to pair with your gifts. Many local florists partner with other boutiques, spas, snack bars, and more to offer a pairing of a floral arrangement and a gift. Many popular options are spa gift cards, snack baskets, or jewelry that can be placed within the arrangement or alongside it. Fleur de Lis Flowers and Gifts partners with several stores in Starkville including The Beauty Bar, The Pop Porium, Chromatix, Central Station Grill, and more.

When you order your flowers online, they arrive in a box and you sometimes have to assemble them yourself. By shopping local, all of this is eliminated! Local florists place flowers in vases to help keep them fresh and shaped perfectly. Why have the worry of your flowers being smushed in a box when you can get them freshly arranged?

Fleur de Lis offers a program that uses customer’s information to send out reminders for upcoming anniversaries, birthdays, or other special days. This takes away the hassle of you forgetting and at the last minute having to find the perfect gift!

Not only do your local florists offer floral arrangements, but they also offer décor and gifts for your convenience. There are many types of art, cards, pillows, jewelry, and trinkets that are sure to make your gift-giving experiences easier.

Fleur de Lis Flowers and Gifts also offers to donate a portion of the purchase to local charities from specific orders. If this is something that you wish to participate in, ask one of our helpful staff for ways that you can also give back.

Contact Fleur de Lis Flowers and Gifts in Starkville for any of your floral and gift-giving needs.

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