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Moving Your Student Out? Let Us Help!

Things have changed greatly over the past two weeks here in Starkville. Unlike what we imagined, the end of the spring semester and 2019-2020 school year is coming to a close in an extremely different way. While this can leave you uncertain and worrisome, we at Parents of MS State hope to help you during this time as much as we can.

Moving out of an MSU residence hall?

One thing on your mind right now may be moving your student out of their current dorm or housing situation. As of right now, access to residence halls is limited. However according to the MSU Housing and Residence Life website, students still have several options for moving and checking out. The recommendation is for students to leave their belongings locked in their room until a safer time to move. However, some people may need/want to move out as soon as possible. To access any belongings in a dorm room, simply call the RA Duty phone number posted on the front door of the building. These calls will be taken 24/7 until the end of the semester. There is an express check out option that allows you to move out without any contact with anyone else in the residence hall. The instructions for this type of move out can be found at No matter when you choose to move out, all students should be moved out of MSU's residence halls by May 10, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Need help with moving and storage?

We have created a page on our website with some local moving and storage companies that can help you during this time. You can visit this page at this link:

Here are a few tips to consider when packing your things up to go into storage:

1. Consider splitting a storage unit with a roommate or friend to reduce the cost and save on space.

2. Consider a climate controlled storage unit to keep belongings and items free from mildew, mold, and weather destruction.

3. If a climate controlled unit is not available, pack belongings into plastic totes with lids instead of boxes to avoid damage.